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Copy files from a windows share on Centos / Redhat distributions

Mount the windows share

First we need to mount locally the windows share folder. For this we'll use the cifs-utils package.
You should use the root user for the following commands, otherwise append sudo in front of them.

yum install cifs-utils

mkdir /mnt/share

If the windows share requires authentication, append the user and password in a local file:

vi /etc/smbcredentials

Secure the file:

chmod 600 /etc/smbcredentials

Mount the share:

mount -t cifs -o credentials=/etc/smbcredentials //machine/folder/ /mnt/share

If you don't want to use a credential file (less secure) you can run directly:

mount -t cifs //machine/folder/ /mnt/share -o username=user,password=default

Copy files from the share

cp /mnt/share/your_file /dest/directory
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