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Useful Java Script related frameworks / tools

These tools can enhance your workflow, increase productivity, and enable you to write more robust and maintainable code:

  1. TypeScript: Adds static typing to JavaScript, which can make code easier to understand and debug.
  2. ESLint: A popular linting tool that helps to enforce coding standards and find potential errors.
  3. Prettier: An opinionated code formatter that enforces a consistent code style across your project.
  4. Babel: Allows you to use the latest ECMAScript features by converting modern JavaScript code into a version that's compatible with most browsers.
  5. Webpack: A powerful module bundler that can handle bundling JavaScript files, CSS, images, and more for deployment.
  6. Node.js: Essential for server-side programming, enabling JavaScript to be used outside the browser.
  7. npm/Yarn: Package managers that allow you to easily include third-party libraries and manage dependencies.
  8. Jest: A testing framework that can help you write tests for your JavaScript code to ensure it's working as intended.
  9. Immutable.js: Libraries such as Immutable.js provide persistent immutable data structures.
  10. React/Vue/Angular: Popular JavaScript frameworks and libraries for building interactive web applications.
  11. Redux/MobX: State management libraries that help in managing state in large-scale applications, often used with React.
  12. Sass/LESS: CSS preprocessors that extend CSS with features like variables and nested rules.
  13. GraphQL: A query language for APIs, which enables more efficient data retrieval.
  14. RxJS: A library for reactive programming, providing tools for composing asynchronous and event-based code.
  15. Storybook: A tool for developing UI components in isolation.
  16. Husky: Can prevent bad git commit, git push, and more by using hooks.
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