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Move files to another git repo and preserve history

git filter-branch is a mess, use python3 git-filter-repo instead to filter the commits to be saved to the new repo.

Steps used:

1) Create a new local branch of the source repo (A) and switch to it (branchOnRepoA).

2) Filter the directories that you want to keep from A using git-filter-repo. This will rewrite history. It should de downloaded first from

python3 git-filter-repo --force --path src/main/resources/folder1 --path src/main/resources/folder2

3) In destination repo (B) we should add A as a remote source repo

git remote add source C:\repoA

source - remote repo name C:\repoA - path to the remote source repo

4) From B import data from A:

git fetch source

5) From B, merge A branch:

git merge source/branchOnRepoA --allow-unrelated-histories

6) From B, remove A:

git remote remove source

7) From B, push changes:

git push "origin" main:main
If git repo is hosted in gitlab and you receive the error: “You can only push commits if the committer email is one of your own verified emails.”, check repo settings in gitlab and uncheck the following checkbox:

8) Clean-up local branch created in step 1).

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